Diakur® Plus

Nutritional Supplement

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Product Description

Diakur® Plus is a palatable, easy-to-use nutritional supplement that provides a source of energy and electrolytes for young animals. It is especially beneficial for calves under stress due to changes in feed or environment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Decreases colonization of coliform bacteria (E. coli and Salmonella spp.) via patented, lecithin-coated fibres and MOS (mannanoligosaccharide)2,3,4
  • A high content of glucose provides an optimal boost of energy
  • Optimal electrolyte formulation: fast hydration
  • Innovative three step buffering system: correction of acidosis4
  • Flexible solution: can be mixed in milk, milk replacer or water
  • Very good palatability4


  • Calves: Mix 2 scoops (100 g)/1 sachet of Diakur® Plus in 2 litres of warm water, milk or milk replacer. Feed immediately.
  • For larger calves or those requiring more energy, mix 3 scoops (150 g)/11⁄2 sachets Diakur®Plus in 3 litres of warm water, milk or milk replacer.
  • Feed every 8 to 10 hours for 24 to 48 hours
  • Discard any unconsumed, mixed product each day
  • See label for dosage requirements for foals and pigs

Diakur® Plus provides supplemental energy and electrolytes to stressed calves.

Diakur® Plus is especially beneficial to calves experiencing stress, a change in feed or a change in their environment, by providing them with glucose, glycine for energy and the cotransport essential electrolytes.

Diakur® Plus supports fast absorption of electrolytes and water.

Balanced electrolytes contribute to overall good health. Diakur® Plus provides the optimal combination of electrolytes and buffers for fast rehydration and alkalinization.1

The unique three-step buffering system allows calves to be fed with milk, milk replacer or water.

Diakur® Plus is highly palatable, so calves accept it without problem, giving producers plenty of flexible feeding options. The three-step buffering system provides alkalinization supporting the resolution of metabolic acidosis and recovery.

Diakur® Plus has a unique formula containing patented hydrophobic citrus fibre.

Diakur® Plus unique, patented hydrophobic, lecithin-coated citrus fibres provide soluble fibre that supports normal gut health.

1 Goodell GM, Campbell J, Hoejvang-Nielsen L, et al. An alkalinizing oral rehydration solution containing lecithin-coated citrus fiber is superior to a nonalkalinizing solution in treating 360 calves with naturally acquired diarrhea. J Dairy Sci 2012;95(11):6677–6686.

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