Equitop Gonex® is a feed supplement to support and maintain mobility and healthy joints in horses.


Equitop Gonex® contains GLME (Green Lipped Mussel Extract) from the Perna canaliculus as the active ingredient. Equitop Gonex® can be used long term on its own or together with an anti-inflammatory, such as the Boehringer Ingelheim product that is effective for 24 hours, is highly palatable and can be given for up to 14 days.

Equitop Gonex® delivers the following proven benefits:

  • All-natural green lipped mussel extract
  • High palatability pearl granules
  • Easy administration


Equitop Gonex® is a sugar-coated pearl granulate for oral administration. The presentation form is 750 g. One measuring spoon contains 25 g pearl granules.

EQUITOP GONEX® can be given together with feed or alone. Horses: 1 level spoonful once daily. Ponies and foals: 1/2 spoonful daily. Feed for a minimum of 30 days.

Download the Equitop Gonex® brochure for further information.

Product Information Sheet