Canosan® is an all-natural nutritional supplement specially formulated to help maintain healthy joint function in dogs.


Canosan® contains Gonex®, which is an extract from the green lipped mussel. Gonex® is extracted by a unique gentle process and has proven beneficial effects in support of joint health.

Canosan® delivers the following proven benefits:

  • All-natural green lipped mussel extract rich in glucosamineglycanes (GAG), polyunsaturated fatty acids and a special glycogen complex
  • This premium product provides important nutrients to the joints and their surrounding structures and ensures that these nutrients are channelled to the areas where they are needed.
  • Highly palatable chewable tablets
  • Tablets are blister packed for easy use and sustained shelf life after opening of box


Canosan® is delivered in blister packed, chewable tablets. Canosan® comes in the presentation form of 30 x 2 g tablets for dogs

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